A significant part of touring is waiting around. If you are lucky you can use that time to do something really fun in the area. Yesterday we went to the San Diego Zoo. Ben’s girlfriend Juli led the charge. In all fairness she’d already seen the Crooked Coast animals do their thing a bunch times so this would be really exotic. She was right. Ben, Juli, Grace, Steve, Shea, Shauna, Aiofe and myself loaded into the van and cruised there. It’s nice having a vehicle big enough for field trips.
The zoo was amazing from neon colored, poisonous frogs to leaping tree monkeys there was never a dull moment. All the animals where active that day. You know how sometimes when you go to a zoo the animals just lie there way in the back of their area where you can’t really see them? On this day we watched a tiger chew on a giant bone staring straight at us. The gorillas and giraffe’s wrestled (with each other in their own respective areas. We didn’t see anything an crazy as interspecies wrestling!) It was a great way to spend the day.
We got home change clothes/guitar strings switched out Shauna for our friend Alanna and headed to Gallagher’s Pub in Huntington Beach. We pulled up and saw a huge crowd out front. We were thinking wow this is a big line for a Monday night. As we got closer we realized everyone was silent and holding candles. Apparently a twenty-three year old kid named Mitch who worked there had passed away a couple days earlier from a heroin overdose.
The mood inside the bar was somber. The opening band, Last Fix was a Sublime style reggae punk trio.
We took the stage. After our opening song decided to address the painful situation. I said, “We didn’t know Mitch but judging by all the love people had for him he must have been a special guy. We know what it’s like to lose people way to early and this song is about one of them. Tonight we are dedicating it to Mitch. It’s called Dancing with the Dead.” As soon as the song started we felt the audience connect with us. Music is a great way to share universal pain with people.
The rest of the set was great. Our friend Itai Isenberg a great saxophone player jumped up and played Down For The Count with us. Alex and Lauren from the band Aloha Radio (who we played with at House of Blue San Diego) showed up. It’s really cool connecting with all these bands. We hope to bring some of them to the Cape when they tour the east coast.
The headliner the Originalites played funky ska/punk. The drummer wore nothing but underwear and absolutely smashed on the kit. The saxophone player jumped in the crowd and skanked with everyone. It was pretty wild.
Today we are back in LA for a studio session. Our last show of the tour is tomorrow night. It’s hard to believe how fast it’s happening.


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