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April 14, 2014

Meltdown Tour Blog 4

4/12/14 Meltdown Tour Blog 4


As we forked over $22 to a tollbooth operator, we realized we were entering New York City. Springtime in NYC is a magical thing. The world feels full of possibility.

John got us to Bar Nine in great time and as a good omen for the night, found a parking spot right around the corner. The place was all dark wood, and bistro lights. They have ski ball in the back, which is pretty amazing. We loaded in and then wandered Hell’s Kitchen for and hour or so.

Our friend Mike Machaby booked us there and set us up. We know him from the Cape. It’s good to see him thriving in the city. His band Mary Mac plays the city regularly and he is the sound guy at Bar Nine.

The opening act was Blake Flattley, who played a nice acoustic set.

Our sets were great. We played for two hours. Typically when we play the city, we will do one, 30-45 minute set. It felt good to really dig into it. By eleven the place was going crazy. Unfortunately due to noise complaints, they had to stop live music at eleven o’clock every night. We thought noise complaints were just a Cape Cod thing. The people running Bar Nine made us feel right at home and we will definitely be coming back.

A bunch of Cape Cod transplants made it to the show, including and old friend none of us had seen in years, who lived in an apartment directly above the bar! It was a big city, small world kind of night.

We stayed with our friends Charlie and Kate, in Brooklyn. Charlie is a great musician originally from Cape Cod. He played in a band with Ben and John all through high school. We felt far from home, and right at home.

Ben decided to stay and kick it in the city for a couple days. He’s going to a Knicks game tonight. Next stop Grumpy’s Pub, Friday the 18th.  We are having a camouflage theme party with our homies Eight Feet Tall. The following night we will be in Boston with Eight Feet Tall and the The Alchemystics. Holler at us if you need tickets. Yup, that feels pretty good!

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April 12, 2014

Meltdown Tour Blog 3

4/11/14 Meltdown Tour Blog 3


Driving through the mountains, we can feel our beards getting stronger. It is a powerful sensation. The GPS, or “jips” as John refers to it, took us to the wrong side of Lake Champlain. As luck would have it, the Grand Isle ferry was running. As the boat cruised to Burlington, we smashed through sheets of ice. When arriving in a new town, it’s good to break the ice right off the bat. Get it?

We walked around Church Street and got dinner at Stone Soup. The food was tasty. Ben checked out a whisky bar someone had suggested. It was dark.

A really tight Jazz trio was on at Red Square before us. We unloaded our gear into the alley and listened to them as the sun set. The stage was tiny. We piled on top of each other and played for an intimate crowd, including some friends from home.

After that, we wandered around for a while and wound up at Nectars with our homie Alex Budney. There was a Grateful Dead cover band playing. Local guitar hero Seth Yacovone was sitting in with them. It was cool to see him play again.

After eating a pretty solid continental breakfast, we are ready to hit the road. Looking forward to playing Bar Nine in Manhattan. Up, up and away. Enjoy this picture of us looking bad ass, next to the van.

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April 11, 2014

Meltdown Tour Blog 2

Buttermilk Falls, Ithaca, NY

4/10/14 Meltdown Tour Blog 2



Packed up this morning and headed out for Ithaca. It was a sunny day. Jazzed up on free hotel coffee, we were ready for our next leg of the trip. The dive was quick. We listened to Patton Oswald’s comedy special as well. If you haven’t heard his bit about G rated filth, you might want to check that out.

We got to the Super 8, checked in and headed to the town’s center.  We feasted at Mahogany grill and wine bar, then browsed the music stores, head shops, and used bookstores.

We decided we should see one of Ithaca’s famous waterfalls.  We drove to Buttermilk Falls. We didn’t see the falls, but enjoyed a walk amongst the tall trees.  We considered taking a swim but the river wasn’t deep enough.  At best, we would have lain down in shallow, freezing water on sharp rocks.  We settled for a nice walk.

Our show at Oasis was kind of like something out of Blues Brothers, except that everyone was really nice. The dozen or so people there where partaking in a weekly pool tournament. We had fun digging into more mellow songs we haven’t in a while. Almost no one showed up to see us, but the owners where friendly. They fed us, gave us some gas money, and suggested bars we may be better suited to play at next time we are in the area.

We headed back into Ithaca center for last call.  We got a drink at Lot 10.  It’s great spot. We watched a karaoke singer enthusiastically butcher Whitney Houston’s classic ‘I Will Always Love You’ before heading to the couches downstairs. It was a warm night for a stroll through town. Back at the hotel we attempted to watch MacGruber. It didn’t work, so we went to sleep. Next stop Burlington!

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April 10, 2014

Meltdown Tour Blog 1

4/9/14 Meltdown Tour


We loaded up John’s new van and headed over the Bourne Bridge, by 10:30 a.m.  The last tours we took had been in two, separate vehicles. It felt good to be back in the same spaceship again. It was finally spring and spirits were high. This time around we have a fully stocked cooler, sitting in between the front seats.  From thinly sliced prosciutto to blazing buffalo nuts (almonds), our snack game is official.

Charles conducted a quiz from the Cape Cod times and, we all know some things.  Did you know that Michigan is the deepest of the great lakes? You do now.  You’re welcome.  We bought magazines at a service station and read a Rolling Stone article about Kiss and a GQ piece about the human Barbie and Ken doll surgery freaks.  Not sure which was creepier.

Luke spent much of the time instagraming and vineing (check ‘em out.)  As we got to Upstate, NY the farms, cows, and Amish people started popping up.  We all agreed there is a peaceful feeling in these parts and it was good to be back.

Pulling into Canton, where Saint Lawrence is located, John saw a 24-hour grocery store called Price Choppers. He vowed he would go there before we left town.  We checked into the hotel and Luke b-lined it to the front desk for deodorant, tooth paste and a tooth brush, because he is a cheapskate and has to fully exploit any visit to a hotel.

We headed to the Java Barn, an awesome little club that is located right on the SLU campus.  It was the same sound guy from last year so we knew we were in good hands.  Britta, the girl from the Dub Sorority who had booked us, showed up with her crew and helped us get set up.  In the green room we added some new art (check instagram) and decided the character looked like Nicholas Cage.

The show started slow, but by the second set the place was raging. The energy level was crazy! We debuted a new song and it crushed. After the show we shot the breeze with some of the kids. It was cool to see people who’d been there last year and knew our music this time around.

We headed down to the Hoot, a local college dive and played a few games of corn hole. It was a quiet Wednesday, a good way to unwind.

When we got back to the hotel, John and Charles headed to the aforementioned Price Chopper while Ben and Luke headed for the sauna.

All and all, a great start to our spring tour. Special thanks to Britta Kilgus for booking us, and Shawn Austin for starting the tradition of bringing Crooked Coast to SLU. Next stop Ithaca.

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March 26, 2014

Tour Dates


4/9  The Java Barn, Saint Lawrence University

4/10 Oasis Dance Club- Ithaca, NY
4/11 The Red Square- Burlington, VT
4/12  Bar 9 NYC
4/18 Grumpy’s Pub w/ Eight Feet Tall
4/19 Church w/ Eight Feet Tall and Alchemystics- Boston, MA

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March 26, 2014

America SHOW

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March 8, 2014

Gig with our friend Matty from A loss for words

Show with class of 92 check it out   here

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February 19, 2014


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January 15, 2014


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January 9, 2014

Crooked Coast Makes The Real Cape’s Top 5

Read about Crazy Tony’s favorite musical experiences of 2013. Check it out.

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