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June 24, 2014

Check us out on MV THURSDAY

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June 23, 2014

Playing at Dreamland again


get tickets here 

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June 23, 2014

Playing festy

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June 4, 2014


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June 4, 2014


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May 19, 2014


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May 16, 2014

Music Video Premier at the Falmouth Cinema Pub

This is too big for youtube.


Here at Crooked Coast, we always want to push it. Whether it’s bringing a passionate live performance to the stage or crafting a tight, versatile, heartfelt album in the studio. If you don’t run, you rust. Thank you for running with us thus far. Where are we headed now?

Music videos are something we all love. The same way you can bounce favorite songs around, you can also debate greatest music videos. Thriller and November Rain showed us music videos could be as memorable as a great song. They elevated the art form. Advances in technology have opened the floodgates. Artists with a camera and guerilla hustle can bring their vision to the world. There was never a better time for big ideas and small budgets.

Our friend Nicholas Santos is a fiercely talented young filmmaker. He is originally from Falmouth and now resides in NYC. We shot two previous videos with him, ‘Gone Without You’ and ‘Ritalin.’ We love the way he works. He is quiet and thoughtful but at the same time pushed us to try different things, taking our visions to new places.

When the time came to shoot a new music video to support our album Thanks for the Memories, we chose the song ‘Loose Tooth.’ The song is both happy and sad. The theme deals with death and the unknown after, the heartache of being human, the hints of things beyond our understanding and the joy of being with the people you love.

The shoot took place over two days last January. It was cold, raining, windy and a lot of fun. The first day was a sixteen-hour shoot and the second we shot for twelve. Crooked Coast gets damn near militant when it comes to shooting videos. We locked in like Voltron and got tons of amazing footage. Our friends and our ladies helped out acting in the video. We had connections with some caretakers that secured amazing (secret) locations.

The end result is stunning landscapes, torches, chases, animal costumes, fire, a synchronized dance routine and more. We are really proud of this production.

Watching the footage we said, “This is too big for youtube, of course it will end up there eventually but the release deserves something more.”

Then it hit us; a bigger vision needs a bigger screen. We reached out to the Falmouth Cinema Pub and they agreed to host us.

Now we had the big vision and the big screen but we needed to make sure it was a big event. Reaching out to made sense. They are a local outfit that is working hard to be creative and buck the conception of what it means to be “Cape Cod.” We found kindred spirits in them and decided to partner up for the premier party.

Wednesday, May 28th we will unveil Loose Tooth. The Real Cape team will be shooting red carpet style interviews outside so make sure you look good. Then at 9 pm we will perform live, a first for the Cinema Pub. After the live performance we will premier the video. The event is all ages. There is a $5 cover charge.

You can watch the video on your phone later but the first time; go big.

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April 25, 2014


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April 19, 2014

Meltdown Tour Blog 5

M4F-GG_JKfc4/18/14 Meltdown Tour Blog 5


After leaving NYC we had a stretch back at our boring day jobs. Ben is a sky diving instructor. Charles is a bear wrestler. Luke is a trader of fine spices, silk and Seventh Heaven memorabilia and John is a cat burglar (he steals peoples cats.) By the time Friday rolled around we were itching to play some music. We decided on a camouflage theme for the Grumpy’s show. You’re welcome, Wal-Mart. Our friends Eight Feet Tall came down from Boston to open up the show and they absolutely killed it. They are a mob of guitars, horns and deep grooves, fronted by a monster of an MC. It’s always a good thing to have tight band open up for you because it elevates the entire evening and puts a fire under your ass.  We came out playing ‘Nights Like This.’ The song was a reminder that summer is coming, which is awesome, but in all honesty our local shows this winter have been as good as any. We will miss having the town to ourselves a little. On the flip side we can go outside and swim, fair enough. The energy was high. Love was in the air. It was beautiful. Check out a video Brian Tarcy from shot of us playing ‘Down For The Count.’

Tonight we are off to our favorite club in Boston, Church. It is an intimate room with great sound. We will be opening up for Eight Feet Tall. The Alchemystics are headlining the show. They are a Western, MA reggae institution. We are excited to see them. This is the last night of our tour, and then we hole up in the studio for a bit and get ready for another hot summer. Tonight we dance.

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April 14, 2014

Meltdown Tour Blog 4

4/12/14 Meltdown Tour Blog 4


As we forked over $22 to a tollbooth operator, we realized we were entering New York City. Springtime in NYC is a magical thing. The world feels full of possibility.

John got us to Bar Nine in great time and as a good omen for the night, found a parking spot right around the corner. The place was all dark wood, and bistro lights. They have ski ball in the back, which is pretty amazing. We loaded in and then wandered Hell’s Kitchen for and hour or so.

Our friend Mike Machaby booked us there and set us up. We know him from the Cape. It’s good to see him thriving in the city. His band Mary Mac plays the city regularly and he is the sound guy at Bar Nine.

The opening act was Blake Flattley, who played a nice acoustic set.

Our sets were great. We played for two hours. Typically when we play the city, we will do one, 30-45 minute set. It felt good to really dig into it. By eleven the place was going crazy. Unfortunately due to noise complaints, they had to stop live music at eleven o’clock every night. We thought noise complaints were just a Cape Cod thing. The people running Bar Nine made us feel right at home and we will definitely be coming back.

A bunch of Cape Cod transplants made it to the show, including and old friend none of us had seen in years, who lived in an apartment directly above the bar! It was a big city, small world kind of night.

We stayed with our friends Charlie and Kate, in Brooklyn. Charlie is a great musician originally from Cape Cod. He played in a band with Ben and John all through high school. We felt far from home, and right at home.

Ben decided to stay and kick it in the city for a couple days. He’s going to a Knicks game tonight. Next stop Grumpy’s Pub, Friday the 18th.  We are having a camouflage theme party with our homies Eight Feet Tall. The following night we will be in Boston with Eight Feet Tall and the The Alchemystics. Holler at us if you need tickets. Yup, that feels pretty good!

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