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Yesterday we woke up to the California sun, which has yet to get old. After lounging around the hotel for a bit we hit the road and headed inland for our show at The Mission Tobacco Lounge. Listening to CD’s from all the bands we’d played with the night before was a great way to pass the time. There was also some Jerky Boys in the mix. We drove through desert and mountains. It’s crazy how fast the landscape changes out here.

We did a phone interview with DJ Lori Lori from PIXY 103, which will air this Sunday on their homegrown program. She is really sweet and it was fun to talk to her.

Once we got to Riverside we were all starving. We split up in search of food. John, Charles and Steve went Carl’s Jr. Ben and I were feeling a bit more adventurous/insane and decided on a desolate little Korean BBQ restaurant. It was the kind of place where they honestly seem a little surprised that you want to come in. We ordered beef with pickled chili peppers and spicy beef intestines. The food was incredibly hot and pretty tasty. We checked into the hotel and commenced the waiting game warming up on guitars and drum pads and singing some scales.

We left the door cracked because the weather was so nice. At one point an old wino in a cowboy hat opened the door and said, “Can I come in? I’m looking for Carlos.” We informed him that Carlos didn’t live there. After that we kept the door closed.

The pickled chili peppers and spicy intestines began to wreak havoc on Ben’s body. He went from feeling ‘not so hot’ in the hotel to violently ill when we got to the venue. He is a trooper though and made it through the set.

The show was good. The Mission Tobacco Lounge reminded us a little of Grumpy’s Pub back home. The sound was good and they had a nice light set as well. The opening band was Ill Com, a hip hop-rock act that sounded like Death From Above fronted by a rapper. The headliner was Don’t Trip a reggae-rock band from Riverside. They were all cool guys and played great sets.

DJ Lori Lori’s daughter Christina was at the show. Small world! She was there with her husband and a friend. We all chatted about Falmouth and caught up a bit. Ryan (Venice Beach RV dude) brought his little dog Ted and got it into the venue, which was awesome. You gotta see this dog.

We got back to the hotel and Ben lay down finally starting to feel better. The rest of us decided to go to Denny’s where we ate things with aggressive names like, “Grand Slamwiches.”

Next stop San Diego House of Blues. This should be a party since we have a huge crew out there. We are also doing an interview on KCR College radio. They’ve been playing Go Back the last couple weeks which is really cool.



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