Yesterday Steve and I got up a little before sunrise to do some filming. We are getting some great material for the Icarus music video. We shot at the beach and at the Church of Latter Day Saints which is an amazing building. It looks like a white castle. The gang split up and spent the afternoon at the beaches and restaurants. Ben went surfing with Jay a friend from the cape. He said it was really fun but all the paddling made his arms feel like they were going to fall off.
We all went to Buffalo exchange and got cool California clothes. The girls went to a farmers market and we hung out warmed up our voices and watched funny youtube videos. Winnebago Man got a lot of laughs.
We headed to Winston’s in Ocean Beach, dropped off our gear and ate at a little spot under a tattoo shop that had the best fish tacos.
Winston’s is a cool spot with a good stage set up. The headliners Simpkin Project set up while DJ Carlos Culture spun reggae tunes. The bass was so heavy in the room. You could feel it in your chest.
We wound up having to cut our set a little short (as is often the case for opening acts.) It was all good though we made a tight little set list that we thought would be effective.
We got on stage did a quick sound check and got into it. I think this show and House of Blues San Diego are a tie for the best show of the tour. HOB was a bigger room but this place was packed in and the crowd was lit. It was DJ Carlos Culture’s birthday party. At one point a waitress brought shots to the stage and we toasted Carlos. It was a very “rock” moment. A lot of new fans who had been at the House of Blues show came out to Winston’s. At the end of our set Carlos got on stage and reintroduced us. The crowd started chanting “one more song.” It became deafening and with a big grin he said, “I always try to give the people what they want. Let’s do one more!” It was our first encore of the tour and it felt really good. We did a cover of Feel Good Inc. by the Gorillaz and the place went crazy. This was also the only cover we played the whole tour.
We hung out for Simpkin Project. They where super tight. They had two guitars, bass, drums, a B3 organ played through a Lesley speaker cabinet and crazy three part vocal harmonies. It was deep soulful reggae.
We chilled out danced and hung out with our San Diego friends both old and new. It was a bitter sweet night. We had done about as well as we possibly could but none the less the tour was over.
This trip felt like it changed some things for the band. We made a ton of connections and new fans. It will certainly not be our last west coast run. We are already talking with Summit Agency about a bigger tour. So many people made this possible. Our people back on the Cape who have been coming out to our shows, picking up our merch and supporting us. Our ladies and families who believe in this crazy idea of ours. Stephen C. Atkinson for documenting this journey. Chris McGilvray who fixed up the laptop I write these very words on. We took that support and put this Cape Cod band on the other side of the country sharing the sound of our island. We have a good feeling about this whole thing and are excited to watch it unfold. I promise to keep writing as long as you keep reading and excuse the typos. We’ll see you at the show.

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