Crooked Coast 2 Coast Tour Diary #8


Yesterday Steve and I got up a little before sunrise to do some filming. We are getting some great material for the Icarus music video. We shot at the beach and at the Church of Latter Day Saints which is an amazing building. It looks like a white castle. The gang split up and spent the afternoon at the beaches and restaurants. Ben went surfing with Jay a friend from the cape. He said it was really fun but all the paddling made his arms feel like they were going to fall off.
We all went to Buffalo exchange and got cool California clothes. The girls went to a farmers market and we hung out warmed up our voices and watched funny youtube videos. Winnebago Man got a lot of laughs.
We headed to Winston’s in Ocean Beach, dropped off our gear and ate at a little spot under a tattoo shop that had the best fish tacos.
Winston’s is a cool spot with a good stage set up. The headliners Simpkin Project set up while DJ Carlos Culture spun reggae tunes. The bass was so heavy in the room. You could feel it in your chest.
We wound up having to cut our set a little short (as is often the case for opening acts.) It was all good though we made a tight little set list that we thought would be effective.
We got on stage did a quick sound check and got into it. I think this show and House of Blues San Diego are a tie for the best show of the tour. HOB was a bigger room but this place was packed in and the crowd was lit. It was DJ Carlos Culture’s birthday party. At one point a waitress brought shots to the stage and we toasted Carlos. It was a very “rock” moment. A lot of new fans who had been at the House of Blues show came out to Winston’s. At the end of our set Carlos got on stage and reintroduced us. The crowd started chanting “one more song.” It became deafening and with a big grin he said, “I always try to give the people what they want. Let’s do one more!” It was our first encore of the tour and it felt really good. We did a cover of Feel Good Inc. by the Gorillaz and the place went crazy. This was also the only cover we played the whole tour.
We hung out for Simpkin Project. They where super tight. They had two guitars, bass, drums, a B3 organ played through a Lesley speaker cabinet and crazy three part vocal harmonies. It was deep soulful reggae.
We chilled out danced and hung out with our San Diego friends both old and new. It was a bitter sweet night. We had done about as well as we possibly could but none the less the tour was over.
This trip felt like it changed some things for the band. We made a ton of connections and new fans. It will certainly not be our last west coast run. We are already talking with Summit Agency about a bigger tour. So many people made this possible. Our people back on the Cape who have been coming out to our shows, picking up our merch and supporting us. Our ladies and families who believe in this crazy idea of ours. Stephen C. Atkinson for documenting this journey. Chris McGilvray who fixed up the laptop I write these very words on. We took that support and put this Cape Cod band on the other side of the country sharing the sound of our island. We have a good feeling about this whole thing and are excited to watch it unfold. I promise to keep writing as long as you keep reading and excuse the typos. We’ll see you at the show.

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Crooked Coast 2 Coast Tour Diary # 7


We woke up and shot at the Pacific Beach pier for our new video Icarus. It’s an amazing spot with lots of people fishing and surfing. Then we headed to LA. After a mandatory stop at In-N-Out Burger we headed to a mall inTorrence where a high school friend of mine Clenet Verdi-Rose was working on a movie set. It’s inspiring to see people you grew up with do things like this. It’s a Dakota Fanning movie. We watched them film a scene both from a little ways off and from the on set monitors. This was cool hollywood moment for us.
From there we headed to the music store and stopped at a coffee shop, trying to work out some issues with the our website. The website issue was a mystery, the guitar store had just sold the guitar John wanted and we got a pretty hefty parking ticket. The mood in the van was a little dark as we headed to BNV Studios. We pulled into a sound stage and a guy asked us if we were the crew from Buzzfeed. Nope, wrong address. Across the street was BNV Studios, located in a cute little residential home. We parked and Nicole Vasquez led us in. We walked through the beautiful home, across a patio with with colored lights and burning chimenea and into a garage where the studio is housed. The place is incredible. State of the art sound and a full performance stage with lights and our logo projected on the wall. They made us really comfortable offering tea, water and beer. Nicole’s husband Brian is the engineer at BNV Studios. He made us feel at home and pulled some good performances out of us. We played around with some vintage pedals and amps like little fat kids in a candy store. We recorded a live set of our songs and a nice surprise cover tune. They also had multiple camera people taping the whole thing. They could not have been nicer. It was an wonderful way to break up the tour a little bit. Keep your eyes out for those videos.
Nicole and her husband Brian have a great story. Brian is a former pro baseball player who went into radio after an arm injury. They worked together at KROCK in LA for eight years then got married and decided to get out of the corperate world and go the independant route. As well as a great engineer Brian is also a song writer. They record bands and voiceover work there. They have something really special. I would recommend it to any musician in the area. We didn’t want to leave. Although all good things must come to an end our studio session at BNV at least ended with a plate of fresh out of the oven chocolate chip cookies.
We took the long drive back to Pacific Beach and passed out. Today we get in some beach time and relaxation. Tonight is our last show. It’s at Winston’s with The Simpkin Project and DJ Carlos Culture. I think it is going to be crazy.


Crooked Coast 2 Coast Tour Diary #6


A significant part of touring is waiting around. If you are lucky you can use that time to do something really fun in the area. Yesterday we went to the San Diego Zoo. Ben’s girlfriend Juli led the charge. In all fairness she’d already seen the Crooked Coast animals do their thing a bunch times so this would be really exotic. She was right. Ben, Juli, Grace, Steve, Shea, Shauna, Aiofe and myself loaded into the van and cruised there. It’s nice having a vehicle big enough for field trips.
The zoo was amazing from neon colored, poisonous frogs to leaping tree monkeys there was never a dull moment. All the animals where active that day. You know how sometimes when you go to a zoo the animals just lie there way in the back of their area where you can’t really see them? On this day we watched a tiger chew on a giant bone staring straight at us. The gorillas and giraffe’s wrestled (with each other in their own respective areas. We didn’t see anything an crazy as interspecies wrestling!) It was a great way to spend the day.
We got home change clothes/guitar strings switched out Shauna for our friend Alanna and headed to Gallagher’s Pub in Huntington Beach. We pulled up and saw a huge crowd out front. We were thinking wow this is a big line for a Monday night. As we got closer we realized everyone was silent and holding candles. Apparently a twenty-three year old kid named Mitch who worked there had passed away a couple days earlier from a heroin overdose.
The mood inside the bar was somber. The opening band, Last Fix was a Sublime style reggae punk trio.
We took the stage. After our opening song decided to address the painful situation. I said, “We didn’t know Mitch but judging by all the love people had for him he must have been a special guy. We know what it’s like to lose people way to early and this song is about one of them. Tonight we are dedicating it to Mitch. It’s called Dancing with the Dead.” As soon as the song started we felt the audience connect with us. Music is a great way to share universal pain with people.
The rest of the set was great. Our friend Itai Isenberg a great saxophone player jumped up and played Down For The Count with us. Alex and Lauren from the band Aloha Radio (who we played with at House of Blue San Diego) showed up. It’s really cool connecting with all these bands. We hope to bring some of them to the Cape when they tour the east coast.
The headliner the Originalites played funky ska/punk. The drummer wore nothing but underwear and absolutely smashed on the kit. The saxophone player jumped in the crowd and skanked with everyone. It was pretty wild.
Today we are back in LA for a studio session. Our last show of the tour is tomorrow night. It’s hard to believe how fast it’s happening.


Coast 2 Coast Tour Diary #5


Yesterday there was a crazy rain storm. Huge pieces of palm trees littered the street. It seemed like a good time to get out of San Diego for the night. We tested the capacity of our new van as eleven of us packed in and headed north to the city of angels. I spend a lot of time on the phone trying make sure we had all the gear we would need for the show the following night. We really miss our guitar amps! So far all the backline has worked out though.

The show was in Silver Lake at a little british pub called the Lost Knight. The vibe was definitely LA. The first band Tambourines played dreamy, psychedelic pop. They had some tight vocal harmonies and really cool guitar effects, reminding me a little of Grouplove.

The second band Iconique was straight up disco, synth-rock. The singer wore a top hat, suit and lots of eye liner. Him, the guitarist and keytar player busted out some impressive synchronized dance moves. They put on a great show.
We had a bunch of friends from LA come out and compared with the HOB show the night before this was an intimate affair. Which was nice. We switched up our set a little bit to fit the mood. Itʼs great playing so much we are really locked in with each other.

After the show we hung out with our LA friends. Clenet Verde Rose a film maker and Falmouth transplant invited us to visit the set of a movie he is make when we come back to LA on Tuesday. Itʼs inspiring seeing people you grew up with doing things like that.

During the drive home we where treated to an epic lightning show and hail storm. The hail on the roof of the van was so loud it was kind of scary until we figured out what it was.
When we got back to our Airbnb the back yard was completely covered in sheets of white styrofoam. It must have blown off a construction site in the neighborhood. It was a really bizarre sight. Grace quipped, “Look San Diego snow!”

Everyone is relaxing inside as itʼs still a little cold and windy out this morning. Tonight we head up to Gallagherʼs in Huntington Beach to play with the Originalites.


Crooked Coast 2 Coast Tour Diary #4

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On every tour there is a warm up period. Traveling without your usual equipment and familiar faces takes a minute to get used to. Then there is a show where it all locks in and you hit it. Last night at The House of Blues San Diego we hit it. As we like to say around here we smashed fruit. But I’m getting ahead of myself.
We woke up in Riverside. I read a few chapters of Inherent Vice (great California book) and took a swim in the pool which was freezing but a Cape Cod boy’s gotta swim whenever he can.
The drive to San Diego took us through green mountains and citrus farms. We got to Ocean Beach and met up with some friends and John’s girlfriend Jenna. The waves were huge.
From there we drove to San Diego State University where we recorded an interview with KCR Campus Radio. The students asked us some good questions like, “How does being from Cape Cod influence your music?” It got us all thinking because the farther we get from home the more we feel like Cape Codders. Harsh winters and wild summers really have made us the band we are.
After the interview we were all starving so we headed to a west coast gem In-N-Out Burger. We got it all ‘animal style’ and it was so good.
We checked into an Airbnb in Pacific beach just a few blocks from the ocean. It’s a cute little beach house that will be our HQ for the rest of the tour. We chilled out, warmed up and took a walk to the pier.
We loaded into House of Blues San Diego in high spirits. While waiting to sound check we had a drink at the bar. The bartender was a recent transplant from Buffalo, NY. We chatted about snow and how nice southern california is.
We sound checked. The room there is beautiful and the sound system is sick. Backstage we took a breath and then walked out to what felt like an important show. Immediately we saw the Cape Cod crew. It was a crooked family reunion. Too many to name but they also brought their San Diego friends and even though we were the opening band playing at 7:30 we had a huge crowd. It was one of those sets that is effortlessly good. We were firing on all cylinders. The love from the crowd worked us into a frenzy. I think we made a lot of new fans that night. We walked off the stage and DJ Carlos Culture, a legend in the San Diego music scene got on the mic and said some really nice things about us. In the green room he came back and gave us props. We felt we had arrived in SoCal.
Grace and Jenna were running the merch stand making sales left and right. We talked to all our friends and made some new ones. I met my mom’s cousin. He said, “There is a song where you say, ‘my little brother had a heart of gold. He never got around to getting old’ that’s really beautiful.” There were tears in his eyes an it struck me that although he never got to meet my brother Wes he did feel him in music. It’s like I get to bring my little brother on tour. He comes everywhere I go and sing about him.
Again all the bands absolutely crushed it. It’s really good feeling that competition. It was one of those nights we will never forget.
It’s raining here which I guess almost never happens but leave it to Cape Cod people to bring their funky weather with them. All good though. Next stop the Lost Knight in Silver Lake LA.


Crooked Coast 2 Coast Tour Diary #3

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Yesterday we woke up to the California sun, which has yet to get old. After lounging around the hotel for a bit we hit the road and headed inland for our show at The Mission Tobacco Lounge. Listening to CD’s from all the bands we’d played with the night before was a great way to pass the time. There was also some Jerky Boys in the mix. We drove through desert and mountains. It’s crazy how fast the landscape changes out here.

We did a phone interview with DJ Lori Lori from PIXY 103, which will air this Sunday on their homegrown program. She is really sweet and it was fun to talk to her.

Once we got to Riverside we were all starving. We split up in search of food. John, Charles and Steve went Carl’s Jr. Ben and I were feeling a bit more adventurous/insane and decided on a desolate little Korean BBQ restaurant. It was the kind of place where they honestly seem a little surprised that you want to come in. We ordered beef with pickled chili peppers and spicy beef intestines. The food was incredibly hot and pretty tasty. We checked into the hotel and commenced the waiting game warming up on guitars and drum pads and singing some scales.

We left the door cracked because the weather was so nice. At one point an old wino in a cowboy hat opened the door and said, “Can I come in? I’m looking for Carlos.” We informed him that Carlos didn’t live there. After that we kept the door closed.

The pickled chili peppers and spicy intestines began to wreak havoc on Ben’s body. He went from feeling ‘not so hot’ in the hotel to violently ill when we got to the venue. He is a trooper though and made it through the set.

The show was good. The Mission Tobacco Lounge reminded us a little of Grumpy’s Pub back home. The sound was good and they had a nice light set as well. The opening band was Ill Com, a hip hop-rock act that sounded like Death From Above fronted by a rapper. The headliner was Don’t Trip a reggae-rock band from Riverside. They were all cool guys and played great sets.

DJ Lori Lori’s daughter Christina was at the show. Small world! She was there with her husband and a friend. We all chatted about Falmouth and caught up a bit. Ryan (Venice Beach RV dude) brought his little dog Ted and got it into the venue, which was awesome. You gotta see this dog.

We got back to the hotel and Ben lay down finally starting to feel better. The rest of us decided to go to Denny’s where we ate things with aggressive names like, “Grand Slamwiches.”

Next stop San Diego House of Blues. This should be a party since we have a huge crew out there. We are also doing an interview on KCR College radio. They’ve been playing Go Back the last couple weeks which is really cool.



Crooked Coast 2 Coast Tour Diary #2

6R7A9951 6R7A9641 6R7A9623 6R7A9563 6R7A9472 6R7A9433 6R7A9297 6R7A8398 6R7A1431 6R7A0183 6R7A8300 6R7A82651/29/16

Yesterday we realized that it wasn’t going to work just telling everyone what our west coast tour dates are. We needed something they could hold. I set off in search of a print shop. I wound up at an address that supposedly housed a print shop but was actually a hotel. The kids at the front desk were super cool though and printed up a bunch of hand bills for me anyway. I gave them CD’s and they asked me to autograph them. It was funny because they didn’t know who we are but maybe in LA you just never know who is sort of famous.
Back at the hotel John was unscrewing the top on this 2×3 foot box in the back of the van. We’d assumed it was full of safety equipment or something. The top came off and it was full of…sand. That’s a first. Maybe we will bring some home and make a little California patch at Stoney beach.
We ate at Fire and Ice. The guy running the grill had a lot of questions about the band. Mostly about different towns and different women. We had to let him down gently. John told him “No we all have ladies so we don’t really do that,” then seeing the painful disappointment on the grill masters face he quickly added, “I mean, we all used to.” We probably should have just lied to the guy.
The load in for House of Blues was 5 o’clock so we didn’t have time to go anywhere that afternoon. We ran through a few songs in the hotel and practiced harmonies.
Our friend Ryan Lannon came by. Apparently he’d come to Anaheim at midnight and started looking for a spot to park his RV. The guy is something else. He also has a really cool dog that is definitely going to make an appearance in our new video. He gave us all “Broakies” a cool new product he designed and is selling. They’re like Croakies but with a bottle opener on the back. I think they’re going to be big.
Finally load in time. House of Blues Anaheim is at downtown Disney this sort of giant open air mall. It’s kind of surreal. The venue is beautiful with a great light and sound system. All the other bands were really cool. We set up our merch and shot the breeze about music, merch, touring etc. On the bill was Slime Kings, Tunnel Vision, OKT, Special Blend and Zen Robbi. They all put on killer sets. The overall vibe was reggae influenced ranging from hip hop style to surf punk.
We got on stage did a quick sound check and the curtains opened. Charles dropped the beat to World Spins and we launched into it. It was a good first set to kick the tour off.
Afterwards we chilled in the green room for a bit then went out and hung with our Cape friends who showed up. Sax player and Cape transplant Itai Isenberg made the trip as did former Boombasnap singer guitarist Dennis Christiano. Our friend Scott White made the drive from Mammoth, CA and helped with the merch while we played.
Got a great response from people, a lot of contacts and are already are making plans for the next tour. After the show we all headed out feeling good. Charles said what he really needed was “to get 10 pounds of breakfast” so him and John headed to Denny’s and did just that. Next stop Riverside where we are playing the Mission Tobacco Lounge.


Crooked Coast 2 Coast Tour Diary #1


We landed in LA along with our good friend and photographer Steven C. Atkinson on Tuesday. The California sun immediately put us in a good mind frame ready for a great adventure. We jumped into our sweet Toyota Sienna rental and hit the road blasting LA themed music from Dr. Dre’s Chronic 2001 to Randy Newman’s I Love LA.
In Studio City we ate Tacos and bought a  new Crooked Coast van. It’s official. It even beeps when it backs up.
At Guitar Center Hollywood we bought a few essentials as well as checking out other music stores in the area. Steve was overwhelmed by all the awesome photo opportunities

. At the infamous Rainbow Bar and Grill we drank Jack Daniels in honor of the late Lemmie.
The next day we woke up enjoyed some continental breakfast (Waffle Machine!) and took a soak in the hot tub. We hit Venice Beach that afternoon. Charles and I b-lined for the water and jumped into the Pacific, which people say is cold but not for Cape Codders. Ben got a hair cut at a cool barber shop. We met our friend Ryan a Cape transplant who now lives in an RV on Venice beach. The RV is stocked with a silk screen where he makes and sells custom T’s. That is definitely California dreaming! Ryan introduced us to some of the state’s famous all natural medicine. We filmed some for our new video Icarus. The sunset was unreal. We chilled at a bar on the boardwalk for a few and then took the long drive back to Anaheim.
Today we are gearing up for our first show at the House of Blues Anaheim. Restringing guitars, drinking coffee and enjoying life.