Yesterday there was a crazy rain storm. Huge pieces of palm trees littered the street. It seemed like a good time to get out of San Diego for the night. We tested the capacity of our new van as eleven of us packed in and headed north to the city of angels. I spend a lot of time on the phone trying make sure we had all the gear we would need for the show the following night. We really miss our guitar amps! So far all the backline has worked out though.

The show was in Silver Lake at a little british pub called the Lost Knight. The vibe was definitely LA. The first band Tambourines played dreamy, psychedelic pop. They had some tight vocal harmonies and really cool guitar effects, reminding me a little of Grouplove.

The second band Iconique was straight up disco, synth-rock. The singer wore a top hat, suit and lots of eye liner. Him, the guitarist and keytar player busted out some impressive synchronized dance moves. They put on a great show.
We had a bunch of friends from LA come out and compared with the HOB show the night before this was an intimate affair. Which was nice. We switched up our set a little bit to fit the mood. Itʼs great playing so much we are really locked in with each other.

After the show we hung out with our LA friends. Clenet Verde Rose a film maker and Falmouth transplant invited us to visit the set of a movie he is make when we come back to LA on Tuesday. Itʼs inspiring seeing people you grew up with doing things like that.

During the drive home we where treated to an epic lightning show and hail storm. The hail on the roof of the van was so loud it was kind of scary until we figured out what it was.
When we got back to our Airbnb the back yard was completely covered in sheets of white styrofoam. It must have blown off a construction site in the neighborhood. It was a really bizarre sight. Grace quipped, “Look San Diego snow!”

Everyone is relaxing inside as itʼs still a little cold and windy out this morning. Tonight we head up to Gallagherʼs in Huntington Beach to play with the Originalites.


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