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On every tour there is a warm up period. Traveling without your usual equipment and familiar faces takes a minute to get used to. Then there is a show where it all locks in and you hit it. Last night at The House of Blues San Diego we hit it. As we like to say around here we smashed fruit. But I’m getting ahead of myself.
We woke up in Riverside. I read a few chapters of Inherent Vice (great California book) and took a swim in the pool which was freezing but a Cape Cod boy’s gotta swim whenever he can.
The drive to San Diego took us through green mountains and citrus farms. We got to Ocean Beach and met up with some friends and John’s girlfriend Jenna. The waves were huge.
From there we drove to San Diego State University where we recorded an interview with KCR Campus Radio. The students asked us some good questions like, “How does being from Cape Cod influence your music?” It got us all thinking because the farther we get from home the more we feel like Cape Codders. Harsh winters and wild summers really have made us the band we are.
After the interview we were all starving so we headed to a west coast gem In-N-Out Burger. We got it all ‘animal style’ and it was so good.
We checked into an Airbnb in Pacific beach just a few blocks from the ocean. It’s a cute little beach house that will be our HQ for the rest of the tour. We chilled out, warmed up and took a walk to the pier.
We loaded into House of Blues San Diego in high spirits. While waiting to sound check we had a drink at the bar. The bartender was a recent transplant from Buffalo, NY. We chatted about snow and how nice southern california is.
We sound checked. The room there is beautiful and the sound system is sick. Backstage we took a breath and then walked out to what felt like an important show. Immediately we saw the Cape Cod crew. It was a crooked family reunion. Too many to name but they also brought their San Diego friends and even though we were the opening band playing at 7:30 we had a huge crowd. It was one of those sets that is effortlessly good. We were firing on all cylinders. The love from the crowd worked us into a frenzy. I think we made a lot of new fans that night. We walked off the stage and DJ Carlos Culture, a legend in the San Diego music scene got on the mic and said some really nice things about us. In the green room he came back and gave us props. We felt we had arrived in SoCal.
Grace and Jenna were running the merch stand making sales left and right. We talked to all our friends and made some new ones. I met my mom’s cousin. He said, “There is a song where you say, ‘my little brother had a heart of gold. He never got around to getting old’ that’s really beautiful.” There were tears in his eyes an it struck me that although he never got to meet my brother Wes he did feel him in music. It’s like I get to bring my little brother on tour. He comes everywhere I go and sing about him.
Again all the bands absolutely crushed it. It’s really good feeling that competition. It was one of those nights we will never forget.
It’s raining here which I guess almost never happens but leave it to Cape Cod people to bring their funky weather with them. All good though. Next stop the Lost Knight in Silver Lake LA.


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