Haven’t done a blog post in a while although not for lack of action. We had a great summer spending the bulk of our time between the Cape, Martha’s Vineyard and Rhode Island. Oh yeah and we shot/released a new video HERE…and opened a store…and finished our fourth album…and had a baby. Let’s get to the store first.
Since the inception of the band, merch has been an important extension of Crooked Coast. Both Ben and I are artists and fashionistas to a degree. What started with t-shirts soon became five panels, beanies, sweats, lighters and soon spiraled out of control. We’re selling at shows and shipping all over the globe. I basically had a store inside my house that I would pack up for shows. When Grace and I found out we had a baby on the way (more on that later) it was suggested I find somewhere other than our small house to keep inventory. As luck would have it Enterprise car rental vacated their Falmouth location and it was available for a reasonable price. We needed storage, an office space and we had always liked the idea of having a brick and mortar location. The stars aligned and we got to setting up. We put in shelves, mirrors, display cases, a turntable and painted the carpet (yes you can paint a carpet. Don’t let anyone tell you you can’t.) It’s been cool having a headquarters where we’ve done acoustic live streams, pop up art shows, held meetings/bbq’s and of course had a place people can see our world of designs.
In June we shot a video for our single Go Slow a song inspired by the impending arrival of my daughter. I wrote the verses pretty quickly, gave John the concept, he came up with a hook and we all put the music together. It was the last song we recorded for the album and it seemed to pull it all together. The video was filmed in a sprawling old mansion in Woods Hole. We lit it up to look like a dream, Stephen C. Atkinson filmed it and Nicholas Santos edited it. It came out pretty surreal and wound up being one of our favorites.
The baby. Yes Grace gave birth to a healthy beautiful girl we named Jane Marie Vose. She makes life more challenging but infinitely more wonderful as well. She is a pretty cool chick.
The new album. We finally got around to recording our new album. Thanks to everyone who came out to the shows and let us know what songs you were feeling. You basically acted as the A&R’s for the album. The crowd always went nuts for People Say so that is our next single. We are really proud of this album and look forward to sharing it with you. We called it Put The Night On, a reference to a line in People Say. We liked the concept of putting on the night sky with all of it’s stars like a hoodie and hitting the streets. We will be throwing a release party at the House of Blues Foundation Room in Boston on September 29th with our freinds The Quins, a killer band we are stoked to share the stage with again.
Lots of shows lined up for the fall and more touring to announce soon. Sorry it was so long between posts. Won’t leave you hanging so long next time!


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