We woke up and shot at the Pacific Beach pier for our new video Icarus. It’s an amazing spot with lots of people fishing and surfing. Then we headed to LA. After a mandatory stop at In-N-Out Burger we headed to a mall inTorrence where a high school friend of mine Clenet Verdi-Rose was working on a movie set. It’s inspiring to see people you grew up with do things like this. It’s a Dakota Fanning movie. We watched them film a scene both from a little ways off and from the on set monitors. This was cool hollywood moment for us.
From there we headed to the music store and stopped at a coffee shop, trying to work out some issues with the our website. The website issue was a mystery, the guitar store had just sold the guitar John wanted and we got a pretty hefty parking ticket. The mood in the van was a little dark as we headed to BNV Studios. We pulled into a sound stage and a guy asked us if we were the crew from Buzzfeed. Nope, wrong address. Across the street was BNV Studios, located in a cute little residential home. We parked and Nicole Vasquez led us in. We walked through the beautiful home, across a patio with with colored lights and burning chimenea and into a garage where the studio is housed. The place is incredible. State of the art sound and a full performance stage with lights and our logo projected on the wall. They made us really comfortable offering tea, water and beer. Nicole’s husband Brian is the engineer at BNV Studios. He made us feel at home and pulled some good performances out of us. We played around with some vintage pedals and amps like little fat kids in a candy store. We recorded a live set of our songs and a nice surprise cover tune. They also had multiple camera people taping the whole thing. They could not have been nicer. It was an wonderful way to break up the tour a little bit. Keep your eyes out for those videos.
Nicole and her husband Brian have a great story. Brian is a former pro baseball player who went into radio after an arm injury. They worked together at KROCK in LA for eight years then got married and decided to get out of the corperate world and go the independant route. As well as a great engineer Brian is also a song writer. They record bands and voiceover work there. They have something really special. I would recommend it to any musician in the area. We didn’t want to leave. Although all good things must come to an end our studio session at BNV at least ended with a plate of fresh out of the oven chocolate chip cookies.
We took the long drive back to Pacific Beach and passed out. Today we get in some beach time and relaxation. Tonight is our last show. It’s at Winston’s with The Simpkin Project and DJ Carlos Culture. I think it is going to be crazy.


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