In anticipation of our new album we are excited to release two new music videos. Get Yourself a Gun is a song of our last album Thanks for the Memories. We shot this video with Stephen C. Atkinson. It’s a surreal, reggae-rock take on cops, crooks, guns and the internets. Our second video, Go Back the lead single off of our new album Wildlife was shot and directed by longtime collaborator Nicholas Santos. The song is a tipsy trip down memory lane with a hip-hop rhythm section, guitar hooks, gang vocals and an arena-rock chorus. We filmed this video in a number of locations including NYC, Providence, Cape Cod and Plymouth. Much of the footage is day in the life of a working band: touring, recording, playing shows and hanging out in-between. This video also includes soaring drone footage shot by Brian Switzer to capture the epic natural beauty of the place we call home. Prior to being released world wide we will be holding a premiere party at the Falmouth Cinema Pub on Friday May 15th 9 P.M. We are proud of these videos and feel they deserve the big screen. The admission is $10 and will include an after party at the Beach House in North Falmouth immediately following the premier. Crooked Coast will be performing live at the after party from 11 P.M. till close. We invite you to join us for a night of art, music and celebration. May 15th Falmouth Cinema Pub 137 Teaticket Hwy, East Falmouth 9 PM (All ages) with an after party to immediately follow at The Beach House (21+) 17 Nathan Ellis Hwy, North Falmouth. For tickets go to

Back in the lab cooking up something marvelous

Our friend Shauna reminded us that not everyone is on Facebook and we need to keep fresh and updated. Thanks honey, we are on it!

After another great summer on the Cape we now get a little bit of time to make sense of it all. Seeing people wearing our new gear and singing along to Thanks For The Memories at shows has been surreal. We got a new light rig, smoke machine, banners and a bear. Yeah we got a little fancy.

We are booking a few shows this fall but mostly working on a new album. Over the last year we have probably written a couple albums but didn’t have time record. We scrapped a lot of songs and have recently come up with a batch we are in love with. We did a session in 9B Studios yesterday and came out with our newest single and a concept for it’s music video. Toft Willingham, frontman for reggae/rock band Spiritual Rez engineered the session. He pulled great performances out of us and even jumped in for the gang vocal track on the hook. He also took us to Oliva’s, a Milford, MA gem where we got some bomb italian sandwiches. We went on a little shopping spree at Liquor World where we saw a whiskey called Blowhard. We all got a laugh out of that. Who doesn’t know a whiskey drinking blowhard? We went with Hennessy or as Charles calls it “grown folk juice.”

This Saturday we will be bringing our theme parties at Grumpy’s Pub back into effect. This time around it’s “dress like a tourist.” Tevas, socks and a lobster bib anyone? Our special guests will be The Silent Trees. They have been killing it all over New England. Their sound is breezy acoustic pop with mellow vocal harmonies and melodica. Also, they are from the Cape so it’s a local throw down. See you there woop woop!